Summer Nanny 911

So in an effort to make some $moolahh$ this summer, I decided to use some of my previous connections with baby-sitting, etc. to find a few families in need of a sitter/nanny for the duration of the summer. I often babysat in high school therefore it wasn’t hard for me to dust off a few trails and find some families to contact.

However to start the summer off right, I had some family friends ask me to sit for a few nights in a row while they headed off to celebrate their anniversary on a bike trip to Wisconsin. And you best believe I was all in to help! I mean, how hard could it be, right?! HA! Let’s just say, it hasn’t been quite as easy as I had previously anticipated. As a matter of fact, I turned into a chicken shit my first night here paranoid of every creak or dark corner I encountered. The guest bedroom I was sleeping in was in the basement of the house, and I am almost certain that everyone knows that feeling when you are walking up stairs in the dark and you have that mini-panic attack that someone is behind you..Well, yeah, basically I let my mind run wild. In an effort to be safe, I also made sure to lock all the doors in the house including the one to the garage door. The next morning, I had to wake up at 6AM to help the middle schooler get through his morning routine and send him off to school. Everything went smoothly and I got both kiddos out the door and on their way. I then packed up my stuff, let the dog out, cleaned up around the house, and decided to head back home to shower and take a nap lol However, I forgot to make sure I unlocked the handle of the door to the garage and when I left the door closed behind me before I could realize this and locked myself out of the house!!!! $@#$)^%$&(#@$!%

I ended up having to call a locksmith to come over and open up the house, it was an absolute disaster! Luckily, I was able to keep calm and take things fairly lightly. I just felt bad for the poor dog who had to hang out inside for the afternoon.

Moral of the story is that after coming back home from college and being thrown into this job, I am able to recognize that I have had it fairly easy the past 9 months only worrying about myself. Taking care of a family is certainly not easy. As much as I can’t wait to someday start my own, I know for a fact that I am in no hurry. I give a lot of credit to all the teen moms out there and most importantly to my own momma! 


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