One of my favorite things…

is simply holding his hand in a movie theatre. Not only does it bring a smile to my face, but it brings this feeling of security that I don’t ever want to go away. It’s cheesy of me to admit, but it is one of the most subtle ways to show affection and I can’t help but appreciate a good hand-holding!

Last night, my boyfriend and I headed out for a Friday “date night”. Both of us had been in town since coming home from college last weekend, however I had to nanny for the past few days and we had been unable to see one another. Thus like a good boyfriend, he took me out to dinner and a movie. Because both of my parents are affiliated with the restaurant industry, I always enjoy checking out new restaurants and one of Alex’s hobbies is to cook, thus we both love going to new restaurants with each other. We tried a lot of really awesome venues in Iowa City (which I will blog about more later) and have begun to check out some great places in the good ol’ Des Moines. He and his family really love Trostel’s Dish, which I had actually never been to before so when we were both home over Spring Break, we had dinner there. The restaurant has a really unique menu style, consisting of smaller plates served sort of like multiple appetizers. I would suggest trying the lettuce wraps as well as the Pomme Frites, a unique french fry plate. I also took him to Zombie Burger while we were both in town a few months ago. He loved it! The atmosphere is so fun and the concept of Zombies is pretty kick ass I will have to admit. If you haven’t been to either yet, I would definitely recommend giving both places a shot. They won’t disappoint. 

Last night however, we ate at an old favorite for the both of us, The Cheesecake Factory. I had almost forgotten about the place! I had so much fun though, ordered the BBQ Chicken Salad and he ordered the Buffalo Blasts (which are basically just buffalo wings). He is a huge wings fan, and in Iowa City Buffalo Wild Wings was one of his favorite restaurants I believe. He won’t admit to his love for the wings, but I’m fairly certain I’ve got the kid figured out. :] Because I hadn’t been in so long though, I completely forgot about their ridiculously huge portion sizes. Alex and I decided it has to be a marketing scam done by the restaurant in an effort to fill their customers up before they can order the cheesecake therefore they don’t have to make so much.. Just an idea! haha. 

Afterwards, we walked around the Jordan Creek Mall which the Cheesecake Factory is connected to and killed some time before the movie we were going to see: The Five-Year Engagement. My choice, in case that wasn’t obvious enough already. But as a consolation I went to see the midnight premiere of The Avengers with him, so let’s just say he kinda owed me. ;] If you are ever out of ideas for a date, seriously just go back to the basics and hit up the mall. It was honestly a great time, I felt 14 again. We went to AE, Gap, and Banana Republic because I am on a mission to find a good floppy, sun hat before my family and I head to Florida for our family vacation. It was fun to laugh at each other trying on different hats, he tried on a few fedoras which I definitely got a kick out off. Banana Republic’s men section has some great summer men’s wear right now as well. I love the jersey knit v-neck tee’s. I want to buy all of them for him! Anyways, it was just fun. Afterwards, we walked to Scheel’s and we browsed around the golf section. I was on golf team all 4 years of high school, and just enjoy the sport in general. Alex as well. They have this little putting green that we putted on. Perfect thing in that section in my opinion. I clearly need to get out on the green though, my skills are getting pretty dusty. After that, we checked out a few more stores and then headed to the movie. There were a few people already in the theatre, but we were able to get good seats in the middle. We were both stuffed from dinner, so skipped on the movie treats and pop. Oh, also Alex had bought our tickets before hand but wasn’t able to print them out. However, I guess if you just show the ticket booth your confirmation email, they can just type that in and you are good to go. Save’s trees and money. The movie was great. Perfect cheesy ending, which I am also a sucker for. But isn’t everyone, guys included?! Alex liked it too. All in all it was a fun night with a pretty great guy. 

Well that’s all I got for now. Need to go get ready for a neighbor’s grad party. Can’t believe that was just last year for me! INSANE! 

Over and out, 



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