I dig this.

So I’ve always been someone who likes to put good, wholesome foods into my body. Raised in family who genuinely cares about the food we eat, I have been taught to crave natural and fresh foods. Fruits and vegetables were always a staple on our plates growing up, and my parents never allowed us to not try new foods.

However, I am now a college student. I want quick and easy. On-the-go is a term that makes me giddy. This being said, it’s not always the easiest or most cost effective to shop this way.

To make up for the times when I fall short of treating my body right, I try my best to shop for products that I know I use frequently to be in their most natural forms.

Recently discovered: PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter


I love it. I realize that this may not be the most nutrients dense spread or absolutely organic. There are added sugars, but the ingredients DO NOT CONTAIN HFCS! IT IS LOW CALORIE! NOTHING SAYS HYDROGENATED! AND IT IS NOT IN ANY WAY LIKE THAT ICKY SICKY OOEY GOOEY CRAP! 

There are a million different recipes on pinterest or google that use pb2. Recently, I made homemade banana oat energy bars using the pb + chocolate spread (reminds me of nutella which used to be an addiction of mine).

My recommendation of the day.




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