Challenge time.

This whole eating “healthy” thing is killing me. I feel like I’ve only eaten things that taste like garbage today.

In an effort to save money and stick to my “healthy eating” guns, I decided to quickly pack a lunch again today before heading to campus. I grabbed a light strawberry yogurt, a bag of carrots (yes the entire bag to save time :P), a whole grain bagel and natural pb. While packing for lunch, I simultaneously grabbed my Naked juice with added protein powder and a bottle of h2o.

As I sat in class, I decided to try and sip on my Naked juice and could barely get the few measly gulps down. Sigh. I just want clean eating to taste fabulous! Why do I have to fight it? My fellow healthy eating, hipster friends make it look so stinkin easy. Just casually sipping on their wheat grass shots! HELLO, C’mon?! WE ALL KNOW THAT STUFF TASTES LIKE DIRT!

Now I’m sitting in the newly renovated University of Iowa library café. It’s lunch time. I choked down my light strawberry yogurt, almost half my water bottle, and now I’m munching on carrots. Yum………-_-

But I know my body is loving me right now for loving it enough to put good things in it.

I think it’s sad how our bodies as Americans have been so trained to like the foods that are bad for us: McDonalds, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Soda, the list goes on and on.

I want to try my hardest for 1 month (30 days) to only eat & drink things that are in their most natural form.

I know it may be nearly impossible but it’s a risk and challenge I want to see through.

Today is day one. Wish me luck.



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