…you can find music that speaks straight to your soul. While making dinner (for myself…it’s not as cute as you think, i can promise you that), I decided to get some music playing to keep my mind from reeling. I quickly got my laptop set up on the kitchen table and shuffled the music on my pandora station. While I stood over the stove stirring the veggies and linguini and allowing the music to relax me, I tuned into the lyrics. Gosh, can I just say that I love music for the single fact that sometimes it can put words to your thoughts and emotions better than you even thought possible!? Before I knew it, I was quickly gaining comprehension of my emotions and sitting there reading the lyrics of a few unfamiliar songs  as I waited for my pasta to cool. As I sat there…reading the lyrics…allowing my mind to wander…wishing things were different…eyes welling with frustrated tears…i looked up and outside and it started to rain…interesting act of mother nature to act perfectly upon my emotions. I’m proud of ya girl, even when you make me sweat buckets on my walk home from class. She’s always got something up her sleeves. 

Here’s a list of some heartfelt music that had me listening this evening. 


Enjoy. Time for me to put my nose in a textbook. Gotta keep my eyes on the prize. I’m a junior in COLLEGE! How crazy is that?! In a few short months, I’m going to get myself to my senior year where I will begin student teaching! EEK! AND THEN, I’m going to graduate! And move on to beautiful, brighter things! My life is happening and it’s absolutely, wonderful chaos. 


That is all she wrote for tonight, crimsons! 





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