The Antiseptic

“There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there is so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on.”

I wish my heart was drenched in wine right now.

Laughing at myself…

The fact that I’m sitting alone at the Jordan Creek Mall right now is cracking me up. I have never felt this feeling of professional confines before. Currently, I am in charge of 55 high schoolers that are running all around the mall. I wanted to walk around and shop a bit, but instead I’m just awkwardly waiting for everyone to return. Since when did I turn into an uptight mother?? Lets just pray all these rascals come back when I asked. 55 high schoolers have my cell phone and thankfully I’ve only received one text. I’m slowly anticipating the messages that are about to begin rolling in….

Either way, I’m honored to be so trusted with this authority by my mentor. I am also excited that I have a whole hotel suite to myself. I’m going to have a Netflix movie marathon and pillow fight with myself when I get there. How awkwardly hilarious. This is just my life I guess. Trying to deal with reality as positively as I can lately. I’m ready to just laugh and no longer feel so down about my situation. I’m right where I’m supposed to be and I guess that’s on a bench in the mall right now. I mean I survived the bus ride alone with them, it only gets better from here.

I really dig this season…




Pumpkin spice latte (or a similar version from Smokey Row) in my hand, earbuds in jamming out to some new Pandora music, and a rainy Saturday morning…all complete with my Mom and sister, Kaitlyn by my side. The easiest part of my day is loving my family with all I’ve got. 


Feels good to be home for awhile. Needed to get away from everything and see some good company. Safe travels to my cousin, Morgan and Grandma Judy as they travel to Kansas City for the weekend. I wish I could’ve joined. 


Loves to all my crimsons, 



Oh Father, give me the strength to forgive them. Won’t you help me forgive them for they don’t know what they’ve been doing? Give me grace, because I feel like the one thats been losing. I want my thoughts to be set on you now. Forgiveness. I’m ready to repent my sins. Help me no longer be my own worst enemy. Show me how to love, to reach those that seem too far, to do the impossible. Forgiveness. Let it go and I know I’ll feel freedom in your arms.

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