Today I spent my Labor Day in a place I love, with people I love, and did exactly the things I love. Today I slept in, I drank coffee, I read my favorite children’s books for an assignment, I went to the beach, I ate an omelet, I rode my bike with one of my closest friends and my mom around the lake, I showed my good friend all of the places that hold meaning in the town where my family vacations, I loved my family & my friends for a day whole heartedly, no nagging or irritable thoughts (I hate to admit that sometimes that happens), I took the jetski out on the lake, I took in the gorgeous weather, I pushed sad thoughts to the back of my head. Most importantly, I readily worked on building myself into the positive person I dream of being 24/7. I’m feeling happy while I’m working through the things that sometimes bring me down. Today, I saw butterflies…monarch. butterflies. 

Maybe it’s the change in the weather, but I’m feeling very excited about what’s to come. Whatever God puts in my path, I know I am strong enough to handle it and move forward. 



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