My Mother

I can’t even begin to express the gratitude I have for the wonderful woman I am able to call my mother. She is my rock, my backbone, and my best friend. 

We have been through a lot together as I have grown. As her oldest daughter, our relationship is much more of a partnership rather than a dictatorship as I have helped teach my mother to raise me as she has taught me all of the valuable life lessons I am thankful to have learned thus far in my life. (That was a long sentence, yikes. Just go with it). Although we occasionally have our differences of opinion, she is someone that I can always go to for support, unconditional love, and honest advice. My mother has taught the importance of being a raw, authentic individual with love and respect for all other human beings. My mother has taught me the importance of courage and how to be truly passionate about all things in life. 

All of that being said, my mother shares a similar relationship with her own mom. My Grandma J and my own mom talk to one another at least once a day, live within a 5 miles radius of each other, and unconditionally support one another as they see fit. My Grandma J is a superhero in many ways and she always supports me as her own, which is why I would refer to her as my second mother. She has helped my own parents to raise me and my sisters in countless ways. I love her and cherish all of the memories I have with her from every birthday party to school performances, weekends at the lake, most family vacations, and spending countless summer nights with her and my cousins. 

This weekend, late Friday evening to be specific, I received news that almost sent me straight to tears. I live in a very selfish time of my life right now and even more so during this time of the year. Because of football season and the fact that I attend the #1 party school in the country (this is a really shitty excuse), my weekends are filled with football and typically drinking with friends. I focus my time on going out and having fun. 

However when my mom called me on Friday night while I was out with friends to tell me that my grandma was on her way to the hospital because her heart was going into AFIB, I almost couldn’t handle it. My instincts were to get in the car and drive as fast as I could straight to my mother and grandmother. I have been raised by fearless women to be the supporter, the caregiver, therefore when someone is in need I have been raised to be the first responder. 

I want to take the time to say how proud I am to be able to say that of my family. The fact that I have qualities about myself as an adult that directly reflect my own mother and grandmother makes me eyes well with prideful tears. 

Thankfully, my grandmother was okay with a little bit of electricity shocking her heart back into rhythm. She is now at home resting and recovering, as a hardworking grandmother should be doing on a Sunday. 

Today after church, I called my grandma to check in with her and to most importantly tell her how much I love her. I almost couldn’t get the words out without choking up, and even now I can barely sit here and type it out without once again fighting back tears. How blessed am I to be able to call such wonderful women my blood, my family, my very own Wonder Women! 

I can’t imagine life without either. I hope someday I can have a granddaughter who feels just the same about me as I do for my own grandmother. It is truly a gift. 

– L 


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