My Sunday.

I woke to the sound of rain and a soft moan of thunder. My favorite. I slept with the window open in my bedroom, so the cool air on my sheets and the rainfall put me in a positive mood this morning. 

I started with a cup o joe and quickly got ready for church. I received such a great message that brought me to tears. 

I will write more on the message we walked through at church today later this evening. I am currently swamped with homework, but I want to hold myself accountable to writing this one down because it’s a great one for our second week in the book of John. Veritas church is really special to me. I feel like I’ve grown with the church over the course of my time attending it over the past few years. 

Anyways, it felt good to feel renewed after leaving church this morning. I had a good chat with my momma, made lunch, and now Sam and I are listening to calming music while we work on homework and watch the rain pour. 

I’m happy to give up the pen for awhile. I want God to pour over me, drench me, submerge me like the rain is doing for the ground today. After 47 days of drought (I think that’s what I heard today at church lol), the ground needed to be soaked after being so dry. Like the ground, I’ve felt dry. I need Jesus and the help of others in my life to help me allow the mercy of the Holy Spirit to pour over me, to totally saturate me. I’m ready for it. 


All for now, 



And as always, a song:


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