ex-boyfriend spotting

i’m super frustrated today. i’m overwhelmed. i’m lacking motivation apparently as it reflects in my overall organization, yet i feel like im really pushing myself to be on top of things and completing assignments. hell, i spent my entire Sunday working on homework. What am I doing insufficiently? Honestly, do I have issues with attention? Am I finding ways to distract myself. HA! ….. (awkward silence) …. maybe like blogging…social media…music exploration…lyrical exploration…aiding friends and family with emotional issues, etc…. but what’s the harm there? Do I have to be a robot Monday thru Friday in order to keep up? Do I have to constantly be strapped down to a desk or table cranking out assignments? Where is the fun in that? Is this really what the secret to success is? Somebody give me an answer, a hint (just a little teensy hint PLEASE!) on how to successfully feel organized and sufficient. 

Somebody just take my cell phone. take my ear buds. take anything fun and exciting. i’ll just be the robot today. no personality. no joy. no fun. great. joy. 


happy fuggin monday, everyone. 



pissed off lindsey. 

oh yeah, i also saw alex today. what a loser. can i say that here? i mean…honestly, what was I thinking dating him? ugh. the terrible part, in some weird, sick and twisted way, i’m still somewhat attracted to the kid. And can I just say, I’m the only reason that kid ever started wearing normal, appropriate shoes. before me, he was so lost. yeah, i get to say that. does that make me seem conceited? good! cause i am! 


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