my bedroom and computer desktop are two direct indicators of my current stress level. If you ever want to know how Lindsey is doing without specifically asking her, my strongest recommendation would be to check these two areas.

I can’t say why exactly, but I am someone who can’t go to sleep with clutter. But throughout busy and stressful daylight hours, I definitely reek havoc on my bedroom with a pile of clothes from getting dressed in the morning, pj’s on the floor, coffee mug and water bottle on the nightstand, unmade bed, pillows on the floor, and then a stack of children’s books all over my bed and desk. Fitting for an elementary education major. If I was ballsy enough, I would snap a photo and upload it here just for bragging rights.

Tonight, after a long Monday and Tuesday, I decided to come home from class, make dinner, and then fry some brain cells while watching t.v. Currently finishing up this blog and then I need to organize my room and get relaxed. I’ve been up since 5am. Time to light a candle and let the tunes play. Also, I slept walk last night. I’m still creeped out. 

Feel like I definitely need to focus on properly falling asleep lately with all of the stress, etc. 

Wish me luck. Also, any takers to clean my room for me? (anybody…??) (sigh.) I got it. 😉


Nighty Night, 





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