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Hello my lovely pumpkins! I’m coming atcha live from the TLC Center in the Lindquist Center. This is my favorite study space on campus…it’s like the best kept secret among Education majors. So, shh! Don’t be tellin nobody! 😉 

Well, it is now officially Fall and October 1st is only a few days away. Oh, how I love the Fall! I was at Target the other night grabbing a few things with a friend and somehow I ended up in the candle aisle smelling pumpkin scented candles. CRAZY GIRL SAY WHAT?! How I despise those ignorant, white girls who walk around with their Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes and riding boots! But shit! I am just as guilty as the next when I say that I am so in love with all the things this season brings. 

I’m looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch, apple orchard, Halloween, carving pumpkins, using the crockpots, SCARFS GALORE, beautiful instagram pictures, and sunny yet cool Fall days. 

But most importantly, I most enjoy the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. While I still am experiencing a bit of heartache, I think I’ve come to realize that I am on this Earth for a good purpose. I was designed by a great God who desires me to move giant mountains both within myself as well as in my daily life. 

Today will mark my second meeting with my good friend to discuss personal goals, common struggles, peaks and pits, and setting a solid foundation for our hearts and minds to impact this world God intends for us. 

I am enjoying my new job(s). They are keeping me busy as hell. My greatest mentor, personal cheerleader, and good friend told me something the other day that I have not been able to forget. She said, “Ya know, Lindsey… I think you might not always be a teacher…” She continued, “I think you might teach for awhile and then do something even bigger with your life.” What does that mean? She has always told me that I was gifted, which is resounding within my own heart. However, I can’t understand what she is picturing. 


And then I had a thought… and that thought turned into a dream…and I can’t wait to make my dreams become a reality. After all, I only have two more semesters until I begin my student teaching. And then, I graduate. Woah. 


Ok, well time for class. I just wanted to take the time to write it out. 








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