to future education majors…as cool as this whole environmental issues unit has been to design, i am getting a bit devastated the more and more i learn about how we’ve destroyed this beautiful planet. who wants to come live in a tree house in the woods with me? how’s that sound for sustainable living, folks? any takes? 


To write…

Write only, and only, if someone changes you. If you see the world differently because of them.

Write about the things that change you. Harvest the emotions. Don’t just spit words out like fire. Fire burns up the ground and destroys the pretty things that used to be. Rebuilding is so hard. So very, very hard. Figure out a way to grow from the people who have hurt you. No matter your age, choose to grow up. And don’t be so quick to place down a period and walk away. A good writer will write with a grace that sprinkles commas and semicolons around the story and says to the reader, “I’m not perfect. They’re not perfect. No one here wins or gets the final breath.”

Growing up means letting go. Giving grace. Owning emotions. Leaving room for redemption. Harvesting something for someone else. And then walking away from the page.

Dog Days Are Over

Happiness hit her like a train on a track, coming towards here stuck still no turning back. She hid around corners and she hid under beds. She killed it with kisses and from it she fled. With every bubble she sank with her drink and washed it away down the kitchen sink. The dog days are over, the dog days are done. The horses are coming, so you better run. Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father. Run for your children, for your sisters and brother. Leave all your love and your longing behind. You can’t carry it with you if you want to survive. The dog days are over, the dog days are done. Can you hear the horses? ‘Cause here they come. 

I’m not gonna tell you that you’re beautiful.

hannah brencher.


I used to wait for my roommates to go to sleep so I could creep down the hallway into the kitchen and fill a bowl with food.

It was odds and ends of the things I could find in the fridge and I would eat until I reached the bottom of the bowl. I never told anyone how I was a vacuum cleaner at night, that I was trying to fill some kind of emptiness inside of me. It was a secret sworn between me & cutlery & the 1am hour.

I’d cry & I’d cry & I’d cry. And no one knew the desperation that visited me when I no longer knew how to control myself. How I just wanted to shrink smaller, smaller, smaller until I could disappear. Who taught me to be less? Who taught me to be so fragile?

My mama is like a gust…

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I linked this in my last post, but I figured I should upload this video given the amount of times I have listened to it today. I think we are nearing almost 30 times.

And now, I write…

It’s been awhile. Sorry if you’ve missed my long, absurd posts. There have been so many good things going on in the past few weeks and currently that I have been a little speechless lately. Several times I have sat down to write a post and wasted time writing drafts that I ended up deleting. I think I have changed a little, or just grown, so far this semester that I have to kind of reshape my thoughts and energies.

…So one of my closest friends and I have officially begun collaborating with plans to write and eventually publish a book in the near future. While this may seem crazy to others, I am entirely confident in the fact that God is going to make great things out of the many experiences my friend and I bring to the creation of this book. I look forward to updating you all on the writing process of our book. So far we have the title, chapter layouts, and an overall skeleton for the “branding” or direction we wish to take with this.

More good things…I closed the p.o. box and blocked the number to broken promises, heartache, lies, mistrust, and hurt in my life about 2 weeks ago now. Felt good to officially say goodbye in my own way to this part of my life. I spent almost 8 months trying to be someone that I was not at all. I’m sad to say that that time was ultimately wasted, nothing tangible gained, except for a gift card to Target. So, that’s that. The gift card has yet to be used and frankly, I am not sure if I will ever use it. Maybe a re-gift is in the near future, but who gives gift cards anymore anyways? So impersonal.

I have a fun job now, where I get to do “big girl” things. It makes me feel very confident and proud to have been given the position. I am currently working on a project for the University of Iowa through my position, which I am nervous and excited about publishing.

I am looking at the opportunity of heading east for the summer to do some nannying. I think it would be beneficial for me to leave home for a few months. I have begun to realize that I have many things to offer to the world, and I will only be able to grow these gifts if I leave the nest and gain some real world experiences. So, nanny diaries may become a real thing for me in a few short months. Au revoir, Iowa.

Lastly, I’ve realized that my friends are my rocks. Who would’ve known that I would be so blessed in my life with such beautiful, uplifting, positive people? I certainly am thankful for the people who treat me right and love me back.

Also, music saves me each and every day. listen to my current jam:

God is good. Life is beautiful. I am free.

Happy Sunday,


Also, um is it really supposed to snow this week?? I can’t handle that.

Check out my instagram for all my chief lindsey recipes lately. it’s homemade chicken noodle soup tonight! yum right? pumpkin oatmeal scotchies this weekend were a hit. i’m growing up guys! my momma should be so proud! 😉

back to lesson plans….lol life of an education major is so thrilling!

recenter thoughts. refocus vision. aim straight. 

24 Things You Need To Know About The DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia)

Thought Catalog

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 4.38.32 PM

1. First & foremost, you need to understand that the acronym that I’m using for this article “D.M.V”, stands for D.C., Maryland, Virginia and NOT Department of Motor Vehicles.

2. Secondly, you NEED to learn how to use the Metro. It’s the most convenient source of transportation and can get you from Maryland to Virginia in less than 30 minutes.

3. If you’re going to stand on any escalator in the DMV, please understand which side you can stand on. People have places to go….

4. Maryland’s state flag is the BEST in America.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 4.41.49 PM

5. In Virginia, there’s a major cultural shift between Northern Virginia, Richmond and the 757 area.

6. Chipotle is what you eat, no questions.

7. Some will say D.C. stands for Dallas Cowboys; these same people have never been to Dallas. Redskins vs. Cowboys is our Super Bowl.

8. Picking crabs is something we’re born with…

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Good days

Reminders to myself: Keep your head to the blue skies. Be compassionate to yourself. Be patient. Sometimes things just take time. 

Good morning. 

I am finishing up a Curriculum Topic Study Guide assignment due in a few hrs. I woke up early, before my alarm. That is sometimes the best accomplishment in a day. I hopped into the shower, used my new soap and body lotion which is grapefruit scented. It woke me up immediately. Now I am letting my hair air dry while I warm up and type this quick post. 

My trusty, noble stead, Pandora is serenading me. This Monday is off to a decent start. Be thankful for the little things that make the insignificant days the “good” ones. 

Be thankful. You are alive this morning. 

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