Future Lesson Plan

Just finished reading a short children’s novel entitled, The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron. The book explored important social issues that, while fairly mature for elementary level students, are explorative in nature. I think I enjoyed this text so much because it discusses a coping strategy that the main character named Lucky (a ten year old girl) learns about while eavesdropping on a Twelve Step Program meeting in her small town of Hard Pan, California. Lucky applies this method of thinking to her own life while she tries to cope with difficult experiences such as her mothers tragic death, her father’s abandonment, her relationship with her caregiver, etc. I love how the author explores these themes that are not typically expressed in children’s literature. 

In my own classroom, I hope to someday implement this novel into a lesson on companionship, dealing with social issues, insecurities, and finding a strategy. This often makes me think of one of my favorite movies, Silver Linings Playbook. While I cannot introduce this story to my students, I think The High Power of Lucky is a close second. It is important for students and adults alike to find their “higher power” in life. It is such a waste to not have the ability to be strong when things get a little rough. I think one of the biggest lessons I can teach to my future students is to find such a thing. 

As a fun activity, I would also like to have my student’s pack their survival backpack just as Lucky does when she decides she runs away from her home out of a fear of abandonment. I see a lot of Lucky in myself. I also am sometimes fearful of people walking in and out of my life, which is why I often tell others that I have a hard time saying “goodbye”. It is out of my own inner Lucky who is fearful of being abandoned. I certainly haven’t had the same life experiences as the main character in The Higher Power of Lucky. I think I just take the aspect of companionship a little more serious than others sometimes. 

Back to the survival backpack, what would you pack in yours? I honestly don’t know what I would pack in mine. It’s so subjective on how long I would need it for…or where I would be going..? 

If I had to leave my home and not think about returning, here is what I would pack as things that would make me happy, get me by for awhile: 

My blanket

My most comfortable pair of tennis shoes

Luna bars (lemon flavor if I had the option of pickiness) 

My journal 

A toothbrush and toothpaste 

ipod and earbuds




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