YO YO YO! It’s YOURS TRULY scribbling out a quick note…

I just want to mark today as one of my happier days! I get annoyed when I realize that some of my posts are downers, but Good grief, it’s been awhile. For everyone who probably already knows, a little hard work can go such a long way! This can be internal hard work as well! Working hard to convince yourself that you are happy only works when you are doing some refining from the inside out. Damn, it feels so good. I missed the sunshine. 

I’m working hard, sleeping well, eating right, and immersing myself in happy thoughts and surroundings as best as I can. 

I have to get back to a lesson plan before my evening class starts, but I just wanted to document this moment. 

Yours truly, 

a smiling, bubbly, giggly, fall loving, office assistant working, soon to be elementary school teacher who goes by the name of ‘Ders when she’s happy! MWAH! MWAH! MWAH! 


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