And now, I write…

It’s been awhile. Sorry if you’ve missed my long, absurd posts. There have been so many good things going on in the past few weeks and currently that I have been a little speechless lately. Several times I have sat down to write a post and wasted time writing drafts that I ended up deleting. I think I have changed a little, or just grown, so far this semester that I have to kind of reshape my thoughts and energies.

…So one of my closest friends and I have officially begun collaborating with plans to write and eventually publish a book in the near future. While this may seem crazy to others, I am entirely confident in the fact that God is going to make great things out of the many experiences my friend and I bring to the creation of this book. I look forward to updating you all on the writing process of our book. So far we have the title, chapter layouts, and an overall skeleton for the “branding” or direction we wish to take with this.

More good things…I closed the p.o. box and blocked the number to broken promises, heartache, lies, mistrust, and hurt in my life about 2 weeks ago now. Felt good to officially say goodbye in my own way to this part of my life. I spent almost 8 months trying to be someone that I was not at all. I’m sad to say that that time was ultimately wasted, nothing tangible gained, except for a gift card to Target. So, that’s that. The gift card has yet to be used and frankly, I am not sure if I will ever use it. Maybe a re-gift is in the near future, but who gives gift cards anymore anyways? So impersonal.

I have a fun job now, where I get to do “big girl” things. It makes me feel very confident and proud to have been given the position. I am currently working on a project for the University of Iowa through my position, which I am nervous and excited about publishing.

I am looking at the opportunity of heading east for the summer to do some nannying. I think it would be beneficial for me to leave home for a few months. I have begun to realize that I have many things to offer to the world, and I will only be able to grow these gifts if I leave the nest and gain some real world experiences. So, nanny diaries may become a real thing for me in a few short months. Au revoir, Iowa.

Lastly, I’ve realized that my friends are my rocks. Who would’ve known that I would be so blessed in my life with such beautiful, uplifting, positive people? I certainly am thankful for the people who treat me right and love me back.

Also, music saves me each and every day. listen to my current jam:

God is good. Life is beautiful. I am free.

Happy Sunday,


Also, um is it really supposed to snow this week?? I can’t handle that.

Check out my instagram for all my chief lindsey recipes lately. it’s homemade chicken noodle soup tonight! yum right? pumpkin oatmeal scotchies this weekend were a hit. i’m growing up guys! my momma should be so proud! 😉

back to lesson plans….lol life of an education major is so thrilling!


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