Curly-Haired and Fresh-Faced

that’s the name of the game for me today. I woke up late, showered, styled my hair in its natural state (it’s been forever since I’ve let it go natural curly), and skipped on make-up. It felt a bit intimidating to stand up in front of the class and present today in my natural state, but it was also a bit freeing. Like saying to everyone, “Well, this is me. Take it or leave it.”

Reminds me of my freshmen year when I took an art class where we learned to sketch the human body. Part of course was using live models, so… I, alongside my other classmates, spent three weeks studying the naked human body as an art form. It was a surreal experience when the live models came into the classroom and we were asked to draw them. It became natural to stare at anoter person, studying their body, really getting to know the person as a beautiful piece of art.

Have you ever wanted to do that? Just see a person face-to-face, in their purest form, and take the time to breathe them in? It’s like when you don’t see someone for a long period of time and you picture what they look like in your head. You try to rememeber their face, their hands, their lips, their stature, the types of clothes they would wear…etc. 

Isn’t it strange to think that all of that is merely just a version that represents the way we see the other person. It is entirely different from how the person looks in reality, but instead it’s a mixture of all the things that make that specific person beautiful to us.


Think about that for a moment…


When you don’t get to know a person in their truest form, you miss out on the opportunity to take them in when they are their most exposed, just like the nude models in my art class…

There is nothing quite as freeing as standing in front of a person, whether it be curly-haired and fresh-faced or absolutely nude, and saying, “Hey. This is me. Take it or leave it. This is all I have to offer.”

I challenge you to go about your day being exposed. Put those walls down when you can and challenge others in your life to accept you for you.

The feeling of aceptance when you connect with another person in your nude form is absolutely beautiful.

Love to the world,

Lindsey Kay xoxoxo


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