Tomorrow: A Day of Firsts

Tomorrow is a huge day for me! You all keep saying that you’re busy, but pshhh! Ya’ll have NO IDEA! I really don’t even know how I’m making it right now! Wait! Is this real life? Have I finally passed out from exhaustion and I’m merely dreaming this??

I’m presenting my first individual elementary level lesson plan tomorrow in my music class! It’s my first presentation of a full, detailed instructional lesson plan incorporating state standards from the Common Core Curriculum and differentiated instructions, etc. You could say I am a little nervous, but also super excited to have everyone step outside of their comfort zones and do a little rapping! 

Tomorrow I am also facilitating my first official preschool lesson. It involves singing and doing actions using leaves, etc.. This one will involve me stepping outside of MY OWN comfort zone. Shit. lol But I am still super excited. 

Also, I register for the second semester of my junior year of college here at the University of Iowa. Time has gone so fast. I’m almost in my senior year. Woah…..

And drum roll please….Tomorrow, I am getting my first tattoo. This one has been long thought about, and I am ready to finally be one with the lotus flower. Cheesy? Oh well. It means so much to me. I am going with my friend Bailey and am excited to share this experience with her. 


Here’s to growing up, ladies and gents. 




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