The Finish Line is Near

Hi darlings, 

So today marks the start of my Thanksgiving Break. I have until about 12pm until I can call it official, but the end is so near. In a few hours, I will be on my way to take the final exam of the last of my online summer classes. Yes…you did indeed read that correctly. I did say summer. At the University I attend, these courses are called Guided Independent Studies courses. This means that students have the option of completing these course in one or two semesters. I had originally intended to complete these over the course of my summer, but instead put them off when life got crazy balancing jobs and I took on a new course load in the fall. I had until Dec. 1st to finish it all up, so thankfully I have cranked it all out in time.

Wish me luck! 

After that, I am hopping in my car and zooming back to Des Moines and enjoy Thanksgiving with my wonderful family. I’m quite the highway goddess these days. 

Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving! 


Much love, 

Lindzzzzzzzzz xoxox 


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