To the world of vast openness and silence & all of those that I can call my readers, 

I write to you to inform you of my departing for the time being. I really can’t bring myself to be in this area of space at this point in time.

To be frank, I guess it’s when life blows up in your face that sometimes the best thing you can do is retreat to your own solitude- think your thoughts all the way through and then devise a game plan.

While many of my close friends and family follow this blog, I feel as though I want to recreate something a bit fresher. A lot of who I was prior to this year is wrapped up and woven throughout the coding of this page, and I would rather just move on from my past. I don’t want to dwell. 

I’m very much a thinker when times get tough, so I am thankful for the space this blog has created in allowing me to type out my thoughts during my growth and throughout many life lessons. It’s kind of crazy when I read back to the beginning of this place, which is all the way back to my freshmen year and during the time of my first boyfriend. How cute.…mortifying for me to look back on. I think I’m ready for a place where I can’t be found, so that I can just spill it all out…let my freak flag fly and such. 


I need to heal, let go & move on, internalize, aspire, and take some serious leaps of faith. When I’m ready, I’m sure I’ll share the place of words to those that would like to read. Until then though, I think it’s time to say a blessed…tah-tah-for-now.


Much love to those that made me feel the love in this place over the years. If you ever feel like you need me, I promise I’m not hard to find. 

My love sent to those that deserve it the most, 





Sail Away.

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