Drunk words are sober thoughts

Sitting at Quintons in Iowa City while my table guest has stepped outside to take a quick phone call. I am 2 “big girl” margaritas down and I’m still in firm belief that men are vicious creatures that aim to destroy the female heart. That’s all…

Be well.


Holy shit. People I know are getting engaged & I’m over here stressed about my bank account, my unkept bedroom, weight loss, and finding love again! Hi there. It’s been some time, eh? Missed the world of blogging while I was away, but I am thankful to feel somewhat revamped to begin writing once again. Over the past few months lots of great things have happened as well as several positive life experiences have been gained. I can’t wait to write about several of these eye opening experiences.

Right now, I am so thankful to have a delicious new recipe in the crock pot to be enjoyed with one of my closest friends later this evening.

Sundays are always days full of reflection for me, as they should be. I am currently moving forward into July with a busy schedule and lots of promising endeavors. Life is truly about a positive attitude. Positive out will allow space for positive in

That’s All for now. More of an update soon to follow

Boys v. Girls: A lesson in Phone Conversations

“Lindsey, I just wanted to call to say ‘goodnight’. I just needed to hear your voice before I fell asleep. With you, I always feel like we need to have some kind of manifesto though. Is it okay if I call tomorrow and we can do that when I have more energy?”

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